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Hey, mama

tell me about your past births... 

did you get what you wanted? 

maybe you're feeling a little guilty even thinking that you didn't because you have a healthy baby. 

Yet, still
in your soul you know the experience of bringing them

earthside wasn't right for either of you. 

do you wonder if the feelings you felt during and after
birth are affecting how you're adjusting to your new babe or impacting how you mother your children? 

Perhaps you're hesitant to conceive another child because you feel you can't risk the possibility of experiencing the pain and trauma that accompanied a difficult birth again...

Wherever you are in your postpartum journey, telling your story to someone who sees the mistreatment of women in birth clearly  can be one of the greatest catalysts to your healing. 

I believe you and I'm here to witness your truth. 

Together we'll unpack your past birth experiences in a container of love and non-judgement.  

We'll apply tools from the conscious leadership Institute, teachings from the radical Birth keeper school, and lessons I've picked up as I travel the path to my own freedom from abuse. And I will hold you as you feel through your pain and find the lessons and seeds of strength embedded in your story. 

with willingness and an open heart  you can transform your trauma into power. 


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