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with Chef Mallika Mandhyan

HEY, there!

I'm Mallika

I'm a Women's Chef, Nourishment Coach, and Wellness Guide. I created Her Vital Beeing as an educational and community platform for an ancestral and matriarchal approach to female vitality. Women are essential and our well being is essential. 

If you're ready to

  • nourish yourself RADICALLY

  • break down the barriers to your most vital self

  • meet and be with other women on the path to recognizing and actualizing their most vibrant selves


Explore our events and offerings and please feel free to reach out to me with any further inquiries!



your radical birth prep | coaching sessions

tools and guidance for creating the birth you want 

You're dreaming of a pregnancy and birth rooted in the intentions of nature, your heart craves a magical birth experienced in your full power... Now what? 


Wherever you are in your pregnancy, it's the perfect time to get clear on your options and work on the formula to create the birth you desire. 


your radical wellness | coaching sessions

dismantle dis-ease

Are you struggling to feel good in your body?


In your being?

Have you followed the doctors advice, bought the products, done the diet etc. with little to no shift in how you actually feel? 

I ask you sister:

How would you live your life without the beliefs that hinder your highest health and wellness?

Birth story medicine | 1:1 healing sessions 

personalized guidance and support for processing difficult births

If you are struggling to reconcile past birth experiences and need another woman to explore your story with, I offer these one-on-one sessions as a safe container in which to do so.


In-person offerings

For those local to the Central Jersey area

WOmen's Dinners

 Meal services for women

Decorated Wedding Table
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