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For families seeking a normal birth.


Childbirth Education 

Hey there, local women and families! 

Are you about to become a mother again or for the first time?


Are you turned off by the mainstream narratives and practices around birth? 

Have you welcomed a child before and have less than stellar memories of giving birth with a medical provider? 

Wherever you are and whatever radicalized you, I'm here to bridge the "now what?" gap with the information you need to have the birth you want, at home. 

Traditional childbirth education focuses almost exclusively on how to navigate the hospital environment and somehow manage to still give birth. 

Radical childbirth education is an intensive exploration of the biological mechanisms of labor, emergence, and immediate postpartum as well as a crash course in a mother's innate power and birthing wisdom. 

Part One will explain the physiology/really truly extraordinarily brilliant design of mammalian birth,  Part Two will cover the practical, mental, social, and spiritual elements of creating the optimal environment for birth to unfold. 

It is my joy and honor to facilitate this class and share my knowledge with you! 

Upcoming Dates


Please join my mailing list for upcoming dates and reach out to for information about bringing this class to your home and any other questions you may have! 

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