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Vital birth prep 

tools and guidance for creating the birth you want 


You are dreaming of a pregnancy and birth rooted in the intentions of nature, your heart craves a magical birth experienced in your full power... Now what? 


Wherever you are in your pregnancy, it's the perfect time to get clear on your options and work on the formula to create the birth you desire. 

Perhaps you've already sought care from the medical system and it's leaving you unfulfilled. 


Maybe you've been seeing a midwife, but something doesn't feel quite right 


Or you've explored the possibility and are ready to dive into a free birth and now you're thinking "HOLY #&^@ CAN I DO THIS?" 


The physical, mental, spiritual, practical and social elements of birthing unconventionally can be a lot to navigate, but I see you and I am here to tell you that YES, MAMA you can do this! 


You are the master of your own ship and everything you need to enact the birth your heart craves is within you. 


In your radical birth prep sessions we will start wherever you're at, with openness and curiosity, discovering your true birth dream along the way. 


We will go on to 

  • cover the genius and protective design of mammalian birth 

  • name and work through fears

  • learn tools for protecting yourself and your space with ease

  • the pros and cons of in system birth 

  • and the practical aspects of choosing to birth outside the system 


You deserve to feel confident and clear heading into this powerful initiation. 

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