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Hey mama to be! 

Picture this: you just had a magical birth, your baby is in your arms and you're lying in your bed, bathed in that newborn ecstasy, open and raw from birth. 


Your body and your heart are telling you this is where you need to stay.

You're recovering from emergence and your babe is adjusting to being on the outside, their tiny nervous system learning its baseline.


But you have other children and home that needs tending, family and friends offer help with the baby so you can keep up, but you, too, feel the need rest and be cared for...


A woman walks in, flooding the home with warmth. Your children rush to greet her, she puts down her load of nourishing food and homegrown herbs for mamas bath and yoni steaming session. She hugs the children, then makes her way to you. 

I would love to be this woman for you!

I provide in-home support and care to mothers from the day of birth up until the child is six months old. 

This can look like:

  • Caring for mama with traditional postpartum practices

  • Stocking your fridge and freezer with nourishing meals to aid in your physical recovery 

  • Caring for the new baby so mama can spend time with her older children or by herself

  • Breastfeeding support 

  • Light housework 

  • Overall assistance in helping the family adjust to the new being in their lives! 


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