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Birth is designedto work

and it works best at home

Has someone told you home birth isn't an option for you?
Do the stories you hear or your own past experiences with hospital birth invoke fear around your upcoming birth or trigger trauma in your body? 
Sister, you are not alone.
I'm here to help you navigate your way to an easeful home birth, if that is what you truly desire. 
Women all over the world are remembering and embracing the physiological process of birth. that is remaining in your most comfortable environment to simply birth your baby, as women have for thousands of years.


Birth can be vitalizing

A birth where YOU are the authority. 

A birth facilitated by your body and your baby. 

A birth where the environment work with the hormonal matrix, not against it. 

A birth where everyone present knows you intimately and loves you deeply. 

A birth with no made up rules designed to protect a provider. 


A birth where you create the container that sparks your power, your comfort, and your sense of safety. 


Birthing in power is essential to your well being and I want to help you give yourself and your baby an easeful and 


Did you suffer in your birth?

Did you feel unsupported, ignored, humiliated or harmed by those you thought were there to protect you? 

You are not alone. 

Birth trauma is prolific, under recognized, and can be profoundly lonely to navigate. 

It can affect your mental health, physical state, and your mothering. 

If you're hurting and you're ready to begin your healing, read more about transforming your trauma in one-on-one sessions with me here. 


Participate in reviving ceremony and community for pregnant women with Village Prenatals!

Maidens, mothers and crones: we gather in sisterhood to love on those in their season of bearing life!

We listen as she speaks her dreams for birth and motherhood, share positive stories and affirmations, we hold space for for her fear. We sing, we dance, we feed her, we revere her. 

And, most of all, we let the mamas-to-be in our communities that we are there for her during this powerful and vulnerable time. 

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