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Women are essential. Vitality is your birthright.
How You feel matters.

Hey, sister!

Are you struggling to feel good in your body? In your being?

Have you followed the doctors advice, bought the products, done the diet etc. with little to no shift in how you actually feel? 


I ask you, sister:

How would you live your life without the beliefs that hinder your highest health and wellness?


 What would it feel like to feed yourself from a place of intuition instead of adrenaline? 


What would it feel like to embody the ecstasy of sex fully, without thoughts of shame and unworthiness? 


How would you move your body if your goal were to feel wild and free instead of to meet imposed standards?


Are there stories or hard traumas that block you from treating yourself with the love that is your birthright? 

Are current events making you feel like it's impossible to get into healthy habits?


Are you willing to take responsibility for how you feel in your life?


Women's wellness is heavy stuff and I am here to hold you as you navigate your way to claiming your vitality. 


In her vital Wellness sessions you will work on fostering freedom from dysmorphic ideals  and the harmful and dysfunctional patterns they breed. 


Together we will come up with action steps you can take in food, movement, sex, and other lifestyle areas while really digging into the barriers and limits set against embodying your most vital self. 


It is my joy to witness and support you on your journey to feeling your best in your body and your life. 

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