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Women's Circles are a dedicated space for women to speak and be heard. An opportunity to weave more meaningful relationships and create community with local sisters.

Join us to engage in intentional discussion surrounding our bodily autonomy, lifestyle choices, relationships, and more!


I’m your host, Mallika. I’m a women’s chef, birth keeper, and community organizer who is extremely passionate about the revival of true sisterhood, especially in my local community. 
I view honest and intentional connections between women as integral to our health and well being. 
By sitting in circle we offer each other the chance to be our true selves, practice conscious listening skills, and learn to receive over indulging the pressurized impulse to respond. 
We take the time to cultivate intimacy and rewrite the harmful narratives we’ve internalized about female friendships. 
We may not agree with each other on everything going on in the world, but the point is to listen with curiosity about each woman’s individual experience and hold space for where she’s at. 
This is a space to create connections, share our stories, and witness each other as the whole and magical beings we inherently are. 

My Wild Women's Circle meets on the last Sunday of every month in my home. If you're interested in joining us, click below. Be sure to leave your name and contact info, and you'll hear from me before the next circle. 

Bee well, 


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